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London, Greater London

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With our experience which built up over the years, we have learned how to deal with most difficult stains. In time we have extended our experties and added alterations repairs, shoe repairs, leather repairs, leather cleaning, rug cleaning, curtain cleaning and fire proofing. we have professionals in all departments of the drycentre, fully trained to deal with the works. we make sure professional individuals are accepted into drycentre, because we value your custom. without you we wouldent exist, with this mentality of business were still trading. Drycentre has been looking into other businesses to learn and develop easier and better service that suits you in your bussy life. this is why we are offering you a free collectin and delivery service in london, loughton and debden. we hold large portion of the dry cleaning sector in london, this is due to our clean finishing of our work, also reliable and on time services. With our friendly staff we guarantee a full satisfaction to our customers. Drycentre is a trade mark registered in UNITED KINGDOM & EUROPE . Drycentre is also a ltd company & VAT registered in the UK all rights reserved. All our staff are uniformed and id carried by the drivers, you may ask to see an id if you wish. this way you know who your opening your door to.  We have delivery vans working throughout London. Loughton and Debden from mon-sat 07:00-22:0 We are aiming to be the best dry cleaner in LONDON LOUGHTON & DEBDEN. DRYCENTRE has been in cleaning services in LONDON for very long time, we are also offering FREE collection and delivery service to our customers throughout LONDON, LOUGHTON & DEBDEN.Customer satisfaction has been our priority in all parts of DRYCENTRE services.Dry cleaners in LONDON also been using our cleaning services to improve their dry cleaning shops, recieving shops ect. we are known to be the best at shirt service, dry cleaning, rug cleaning, leather care and alterations, shoe repairs & wedding dres cleaning amongs the thousands of dry cleaners in LONDON. Our customers back us by leaving positive FEEDBACK on our website. All our staff are fully trained and profesionals in the fields there responsible. DRYCENTRE staff are trained by DRYCENTRE profesionals to make sure you get the most out of our cleaning services. We regularly train our staff to keep them up to date with the latest dry cleaning tecnology. We invest large portion of our profit in training the staff, this way we are aiming to give you the best service. This is why we are chosen to be the No1 dry cleaner in LONDON, LOUGHTON & DEBDEN. WE are able to remove the 99% of stains, which not many dry cleaners in LONDON are able to do so. This is why we invest in our staff and the dry cleaning tecnology and we are being paid back by our staff by you recieving the quality cleaning service. We belive in spending the resionable portion of the profit back to business to keep you happy. We guarantee our customers satisfaction. After all the years of experience in dry cleaning sector, with all the hard times and competitions amongs the thousans of dry cleaners in LONDON we are still here serving you professionally and offering competitive prices.
Drycentre | The Dry Cleaner
Phone: +44 20 7688 0032
Open hours: mon-fri 07:00- 19:00 sat 08:00-19:00 sun closed
Address: London, Unit 10 - 12, Hiltongrove Southgate Road, London N1 3LY
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