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Cleaners Epping

Epping, East of England

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Cleaners Epping CM16Our cleaning experts, every one of them an experienced and very skillful individual with the motivation to always exceed at the job being carried out, are trained to employ the most efficient methods currently known to the industry. As cleaners in Epping CM16 they realize how important their job is, and they will never let you down. You can simply go through the testimonials left by our clients, and you will notice that all of them talk about how reliable and responsible we are, and that we are able to finish a job, regardless of its scale or level of complexity, quickly and up to the most satisfactory results.
Phone: 02037341401
Open hours: Mon: 8am-8pm | Tue: 8am-8pm | Wed: 8am-8pm | Thu: 8am-8pm | Fri: 8am-8pm | Sat: 8am-8pm | Sun: 8am-8pm
Address: Epping, 236 High St
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Dirty carpets can be a real let down for any well-kept home. Furthermore, dirty carpets are a problem when it comes to proper indoor hygiene – especially important for people with ...
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