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Cleaners Billericay

Billericay, East of England

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Cleaners Billericay are the cleaning contractor in Billericay CM11 you have been searching for. Our polite, skilful and extensively experienced technicians will be glad to take up your projects – both domestic and commercial – and carry them out in such an efficient and satisfactory manner, that you will be wondering how you have never made use of our comprehensive cleaning services in Billericay CM11 before.Cleaners in Billericay CM11If you need help cleaning your home on a regular basis, or just someone to help you get rid of that stubborn wine-stain on the carpet, we are here for you. From large scale spring and end of tenancy cleaning projects, to simple window and upholstery cleaning, our experts are ready to take up any challenge you can present them with and achieve such quick and satisfactory results that cannot be matched by any other contractor currently operating in the area.
Cleaners Billericay
Phone: 02037341391
Open hours: Mon: 8am-8pm | Tue: 8am-8pm | Wed: 8am-8pm | Thu: 8am-8pm | Fri: 8am-8pm | Sat: 8am-8pm | Sun: 8am-8pm
Address: Billericay, 6 High St
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  3. Alpay 2015/03/31

    What's sad is that the working ctoiiodnns in D.C. seem glorious compared to the ones in my hometown in rural Ohio. The economy peaked there sometime in the 1970s and is now kind of a sad joke. I took a job at one of the local hotels, with a troop of others like myself (female, unable for one reason or another to work in a factory, and desperate).The pay was flatly minimum wage and the hours kept low enough so they didn’t have to issue benefits of any kind. The work was grueling, consisting of not only the shoving around of huge carts but the spraying of noxious chemicals in semi-closed off bathrooms. The male management was sure to remind you of how low on the totem pole you were and lobbed subtly misogynistic jokes in our direction.If we wanted to earn “extra money” (meaning: afford to live), there was the option of coming back at two a.m. when the attached restaurant closed and cleaning it. It was one of those sports bar type places where people throw their peanuts on the floor. That job paid only slightly more than minimum wage. Oh, and no union in sight. I was not employed there for long.

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In case you don’t do your own cleaning altogether, which is perfectly understandable with today’s busy lifestyles, you can take full advantage of our fixed schedule domestic cleaning, ...
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