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Pro Cleaners For You Kentish Town

Kentish Town, Greater London

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There are always times when your home could benefit from a really deep clean. This could be something you like to do a couple of times a year or something you need because you are moving or having a party, etc. The problem is that it takes so much longer than regular cleaning and so you may find yourself putting it off or having to make do with a slightly better than usual clean. However there is another solution – book us to carry out affordable one-off cleaning and we will take care of it for you. Our company uses only green and safe cleaning products and we have been researching the best formula that will transform your home into a shining perfection without ant harmful side effects.
Phone: 020 4577 1855
Open hours: 7 days a week
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  1. Katherine Collins 2016/10/21

    They did an amazing job. Everything was sparkling. They stuck to their time commitment and didn't go over it. They were very pleasant and they left the house looking and smelling fresh and beautiful. I highly recommend them and will definitely hire them again.

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